Patency of the fallopian tubes: test methods

How are the fallopian tubes checked for patency?

The fallopian tubes carry out a very critical characteristic inside the woman frame. They’re the shipping channel for the egg and sperm. Due to this their patency may be very vital for the concept of a infant. Normally, experts undertake to test the patency of the fallopian tubes in case of infertility, due to the truth that that is absolutely considered one of its possible reasons. Girls are regularly worried approximately the question: “How are the fallopian tubes checked, and the way painful is the system?”
Easy techniques of checking the fallopian tubes

In medication, several styles of this test of woman genital organs are decided. Allow’s list them:

  • Hysterosalpingography or X-ray,
  • Ultrasound,
  • Laparoscopy,
  • Echohysterosalpingoscopy.

All techniques of checking the fallopian tubes are painless and do not reason aspect results in ladies, so there can be no want to be afraid of them. However handiest a gynecologist can decide the need for this or that technique for every affected person while you remember that he’s considering the patient’s state of affairs and prescribes preliminary assessments.

Allow’s take a better observe how the fallopian tubes are checked.


To put into impact this diagnostic approach, an X-ray is first taken of the internal genital organs of a woman in a non violent us of a. Then specialists insert a catheter into the vagina via which a blue liquid is injected.

After the fluid has exceeded into the stomach hollow area, the images are taken all over again. Then experts already check how the liquid behaved: stopped, or handed into the belly hole area.
This process is finished while the reproductive gadget is making ready for the discharge of the egg. In this situation, the lady is in a horizontal function.


In evaluation with the previous technique, this approach lets in you to get much less correct effects. However, the exam does no longer require exposure to X-rays.
An ultrasound is generally finished earlier than ovulation to test for patency of the fallopian tubes. A catheter is inserted thru the cervix into the uterus, and a tool sensor is inserted into the vagina. Saline is injected through the catheter and the scientific doctor makes use of ultrasound to have a take a look at how the answer moves. If the fluid stops within the fallopian tubes, it is likely that there may be the type of violation as their obstruction.


Laparoscopy offers correct consequences on the scenario of the fallopian tubes. A laparoscope sensor is inserted into the stomach hollow space. This is finished through an incision, which then heals fast. An photo is transmitted to the display, which allows the expert to check the circumstance of the woman genital organs. The system is executed underneath trendy anesthesia.


This approach of checking the fallopian tubes is also executed the usage of ultrasound. In this situation, the tool sensor is inserted into the belly hollow area via the vagina. The consequences, seen at the display screen, help the doctor affirm not simplest the condition of the fallopian tubes however also determine the presence of various pathologies.

Echohysterosalpingoscopy has a few contraindications, it is not used if the patient has inflammatory or infectious illnesses of the genital organs.

For this reason, there are several methods to check for obstruction of the fallopian tubes. Usually, they may be prescribed to sufferers while it’s miles not possible to conceive a toddler. If the research verify the pathology, then the doctor will prescribe the ideal infertility treatment. In contemporary medication, there are enormously effective strategies of handling this problem. Therefore, if you can not get pregnant for a long term, you want to not self-medicate or close to your eyes to it, touch a consultant. You may be helped!

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